Save the Arctic world protest stop oil and gas.

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Save the Arctic world protest stop oil and gas.

Сообщение  Admin в Пт Сен 29, 2017 8:19 am

The government and criminals from all countries of trying to divide the last untouched part of the Arctic. The Arctic needs protection. We depend on mother Earth and it is better start taking care of mother Nature. I think you, like me, you live for the sake of Peace and for the salvation of mother Earth. I beg you, spread, please, my appeal, which is expressed with a heavy heart and with tears in eyes because through the fault of mankind crumbling Earth and all living things die around the world. I appeal to all mankind, to the whole world to stop and imagine a picture that could not breathe, my thirst is nothing, is heat or cold , floods or drought. Then all will end, so it is necessary to promptly stop the extraction of soil, gravel, sand, stone, salt, coal. ore, oil, gas and much more: So we can save Nature. Help Save the Planet Earth. Man destroys all living things in the world. Urbanization and industrialization are dangerous for all living things in the world. Chemical dangerous substances - deadly for all living things in the world. Global oil production, gas, coal, salt and so on dangerous for the environment environment. Has serious problems-pollution of Nature in all countries of the world, this occurs when cities, factories, transportation, sewage, landfills and so on pollute the air, water and the ground. Harmful substances are mixed, and the mixture spreading around world in the wind and falling back on the ground. Coal, oil and gas brings us poverty, disease and death. Environmental disaster from mining of coal, ore, oil, gas, salt and so on: Global industrialization and urbanization, led to global climate change for the worse in the worldwide. People from international environmental organizations gathered for a rally in protest against mining soil, gravel, sand, stone, salt, coal. ore, oil, gas and more. Hoping to attract the attention of the world of the public to issues surrounding environment and environmental threats the world - from mining of soil, gravel, sand, stone, salt, coal. ore, oil, gas and more. The protesters asked the governments of all countries the world to stop all the production of oil, gas, coal, ore, and so on. And to to preserve nature for the sake of all life on the planet. Earth and we all are one family. Urbanization and industrialization led to global ecological catastrophe from which no one can escape. It is not too late for all of us and for all the world to recover to stop production of soil, gravel, sand, stone, salt, coal. ore, oil, gas and more. So we can prevent global ecological catastrophes. Between us and the other animals and plants, there is no difference, because we are all children of the Earth, and we all depends on mother - Earth. Exxon Valdez oil spill Nature can to get rid of all ills, misfortune and razrusheny: Profit Pollution and Deception BP and the Oil Spill BBC Documentary Dakota Access Pipeline Company Attacks Native American Protesters with Dogs & Pepper Spray Environmental problems of the Earth!


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